Before Bahar

(Romantic Drama Feature)

*Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist

*Austin Film Festival Semifinalist - Drama Feature

*Austin Film Festival Semifinalist - Enderby Entertainment Award

*Cinequest Film Festival Top 20

When New York's winter is slowly coming to an end, John, an Iranian Muslim asylee, and Johanna, a free-spirited American, connect and fall in love.  As their relationship intensifies, the disturbing revelation of the circumstances regarding John's reason for coming to the U.S. forces Johanna to lead him on a path to self-discovery while simultaneously sacrificing their love as they once knew it.



(Romantic Crime Drama Feature)

*Academy Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist

*Austin Film Festival Second Rounder - Drama Feature

*Bluecat Screenplay Quarterfinalist

*Cinequest Film Festival Top 100

*American Zoetrope Quarterfinalist

After succumbing to her unrelenting advances, a middle-aged hit man falls in love with the young woman he was hired to protect.  But, when her parents are brutally murdered and she mercilessly seeks revenge against the killers, he begins to question whether he is protecting her from them or herself.


(Coming-of-Age Drama Feature)

*Athena Film Festival Screenwriting Lab Finalist

*Austin Film Festival Second Rounder


A young half Black/half Filipino Amerasian girl in the Philippines longs to meet her American G.I. father. Once united with him in Oakland, CA in the summer of 2005, her journey to self-discovery is hindered by her internal struggles with identity and self-worth as she realizes this is not the America of her dreams. 


Painted Faces

(Romantic Drama Feature)

*Cinematografo Originals Finalist

*Austin Film Festival Second Rounder - Drama Feature

A young man exchanges letters with a woman from the Philippines.  After he moves her and her son to California and they marry, deep secrets they both wanted to keep from each other start to come to light and threaten to unravel the life they hope to share together.


(Dark Action Dramedy Feature)

*Austin Film Festival Second Rounder - Drama Feature

When the second coming of Christ is discovered to be in a nymphomaniac's womb, the Virgin Mary enlists the Moirai, the three disgruntled sisters of fate who determine the life and death of every human being, to help protect the new mother and child from the most unlikely assailant: God.


(Drama Feature)


After a tragic event, a woman flees with her two young daughters and their dog to the small town where she grew up.  Although reluctant to see her estranged mother and relive their past hostilities, the visit opens old wounds that awaken her to the realization that she may be fostering the same painful relationship between herself and her own two children.


(Short Dramedy)

CLEMENTINE, a young Amerasian girl in the Philippines, longs to meet her American G.I. father before her 18th birthday. 


(Dramedy Pilot)

*Second round of the MACRO Episodic Lab

*Screencraft Pilot Semifinalist

Logline: Mina and her friends have done what has been expected of them their entire lives. Now approaching their 30s, these four modern Bay Area women struggle to break free from familial and societal expectations to forge their own paths and re-discover themselves professionally, personally, and sexually.

Hella'Bae: Rollin' Hella Deep 

(Dramedy Pilot)

*Second round of the MACRO Episodic Lab

*Screencraft Pilot Semifinalist


Logline: Gabriela, Apiang, Genesis, and Ri are friends in their late 20s, and each seem to be the female “model minority” in her own right. But nothing could be further from the truth in this dramedy that pays homage to multicultural Bay Area and the Filipino roots that continue to influence four women’s lives as they deal with issues of identity, transition, and self-preservation.

Master of None: Halfsies 


*Screencraft Pilot Quarterfinalist

Logline: Dev spends a night out with his cousin, Krystal, a half-white/half-Desi woman, who schools him on life as a mixed Asian woman and enlightens him to the fact that his dating history may make him want to pay extra attention.


Green Blooms

(Dramedy Short Form Web Series)


Logline: After getting fired from her job and catching her boyfriend cheating, a young woman moves into her Filipino father's house in a senior living community. Soon after her initial interactions with other members of the community, she and her Pakistani best friend find their true calling helping the ailing members of the golden-ager community with the one thing that got her stuck there in the first place: cannabis production.