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*Winning the Final Draft Big Break Grand Prize for features. Article in Indiewire

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Vulture review of the short film I was in, 'Concealer.' Many thanks to Luke Kelly-Clyne who so graciously stated that I gave 'one of the best short performances of the year.'
Watch the film on Amazon Prime here.

*Winning the Final Draft Big Break Grand Prize for features. Article in Variety

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Won 'Best Actress' at the 2020 Horror Origins Film Festival for 'Concealer'
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PopSugar featured one of my blog posts about being mixed Filipina-American. The response I received from so many other mestizos/mestizas who experienced the same feelings that I wrote about was overwhelming and incredibly touching. We're not alone! Read it here.

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'Suzie Wrong,' had its World Premiere at the 2019 San Diego Asian Film Festival among other badass feminist flicks in the shorts program titled, 'Fight Me, Bitch.' The festival's programming director said the film was a 'universal favorite among the programming committee.'

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'Cherry Picking' had its World Premiere at the Oscar & BAFTA-qualifying 2019 L.A. Shorts International Film Festival to a sold out audience. We were among an awesome lineup of shorts in the Shorts 18 program.

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'Cherry Picking' went INTERNATIONAL--It premiered at the 2019 Alberta Women's International Film Festival 

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'Cherry Picking' premiered at the 2019 Glendale International Film Festival. 

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