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Hella 'Bae

Hella 'Bae is an homage to the Bay Area and the Filipino roots that continue to shape and influence four women's lives as they deal with issues of identity, life transition, and self-preservation. Created by Maria Lingbanan. Written, Directed, Produced by & Starring Alpha Faye, Kristine Gerolaga, Maria Lingbanan, and Stacie Gancayco-Adlao.
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Episode List (Most Recent Episodes First)
Episode 3: 💁🏻‍♀️"BABAE AND THE FROG"🐸 See what happens when our Hella 'Bae crew deals with some real-life health issues as we hope to bring awareness to HPV and cancer prevention!

Episode 2: "PLAN BEE" Watch to see what happens when the Hella 'Bae crew mixes feminism and Mary Jane with your favorite Filipino fast food icon. SPARK CHICKENJOY!!!!

Episode 1: "GAME ON!" Celebrate the New Year with the launch of Hella 'Bae's new MICRO SERIES! And of course, we had to premiere with a huge shoutout to Dubnation! Here's to a prosperous year and another 'ship for the Bay! Look out world, here we come! 
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